Monday, February 23, 2009



  1. Edie!

    How'd you stumble across my little ol' blog? It's a small world (especially with the internet sneaking its little fingers in everywhere). How are you doing these days? Still writing, I see.

    Love the poem, too (though there's a typo in "skies" in line 9 - sneaky buggers, them). I like the song mixed with the reflections. Janet's still writing poetry, too, though not as much now, as it's tricky to find time with the wee ones (graspy-fignered little folk!),

    Nice to see a familiar face from the old writing days.

    My best,
    Bryan Russell

  2. ... graspy-fingered... see, typos! Grrrrr.


  3. Great to find you, Bryan. Yes, the world once so big is getting smaller and smaller. I knew about one child, how many do you have now? Give Janet my best - with hugs.

    Empty nesting is my latest news - house is too big, to still, and the milk went sour. Bobby is at U of T studying Environmental Science and Forestry Management and Charlie has moved to Calgary with hopes of finding work. Enjoy your babies :-)

    Thank you for noting the typo. And thank you for your comment on the poem: interesting because the professor who read it did not pick up on the two voices until she heard me read the piece, which left me doubting (as I’ve addressed in the article).

    Positive energy to you, Janet, and your wee ones.

  4. We have two munchkins now. Our daughter Ava, who just turned four, and our son Beckett, who just turned two. Great little chap, though mishievous... And both love stories! No surprise, really.

    Well, empty nest means lots of time for writing... yes? Too much the optimist, maybe.

    As for the poem, I didn't trip too much on the mingled voices, though I suppose you could give the song lines their own stanzas and thus allow the white space to define the difference a little more clearly. But I'm no poet, 'tis fiction still for me.

    My best, as always,

  5. I love this - it touched my heart strings.