Tuesday, May 11, 2010


This is an early piece from my collection in progress - working title "The Spirit Mate Collection: A Novel in Poetic Form." It is published in this month's edition of "Bread 'n Molasses" magazine.


Broad shoulders weighed
he walks northwest

and she is
with him

the saleable world shrinks away
behind his steady stride
until he stands 100 feet high
before a cloudless sky
on a cliff overlooking the cedar
& birch circled lake

he finds his handholds on the stone
secured to the wall he climbs
to the moss-cushioned ledge

20 feet from the crest
he watches ripples of the lake
sun massages his skin
wind hugs him
to the rock wall
cools his back
in perfect alignment

windward music plays
the trees sing
the song is
and he goes with the scene
the feel of the sun & wind
and at once he is
at one with song

and he is taking her there
where he has always taken her

though there are no lilacs
on this northern escape
the scent carries him
to the boy nearly 50 years away
who laid his head to the earth
beneath the blossoms
and he focused her to vision

and she came to him
and he took her there then
willed her to physical form
and like no lover she came
where she had always been

on the moss-covered rock
sun opened pores are wind blown
weighted energy of days carried away
by cleansing breeze
his mind freed of all but is
he sees his spirit-mate
dancing in swirls
embracing graces

and she is
taking him there
and he has brought her here
and he goes with her
and she came with him
where she has always taken him
where they have always been

© 2009
Edith Newell-Beattie



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